The 5 Best Videos of this Decade

No ranking on these 5, as how do you even try to put one over the other with these very original pieces of art.

You can say Thriller, but I say this is the greatest dance choreography ever in a music video. OK Go is a Chicago-based band with a strong power-pop vibe.  If the Kinks came from the Midwest during this century. My little Maddie watched this a couple of times each day between the ages of 3 to 5, so it holds a special place in my heart.

If you have ever had an acid trip like the one The Avalanches put up on screen, I pity you.  Don’t ask me to explain.

Have you been looking for Sergio Leone Western to morph into a sci-fi, low-fi indie?  Meet Knights of Cydonnia, the most bombastic song ever by this decade’s most bombastic band, Muse.

Another trippy classic by director Micheal Gondry with the White Stripes.  Whatever you think of Conan, he definitely has the best taste in musical acts.

Let me finish this lunacy off by the most emotional piece of short-film I’ve ever seen.  Johnny Cash made Trent Reznor’s Hurt into his own, with a little help from Rick Rubin.


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