Top 5 Singles of 2007

Rehab- Amy Winehouse

The first time I heard it, I thought I was listening to an unknown classic Stax single from the mid-60’s.  Ronson production mixed with Winehouse’s confident soul are riveting to hear. 

So Hott- Kid Rock

This just might be the greatest strip club song I’ve ever heard.  Hate him if you want, but Bob Ritchie makes a slammin’ comeback on Rock and Roll Jesus, after a couple pretty weak efforts.

Uncle Sam Goddamn- Brother Ali

The best rapper in the game today put out this slamming diatribe against what ails him about this country.

Wanderlust King- Gogol Bordello

I don’t know how to explain this group, but I guess I would say they are like if System of a Down decided to become a gypsy punk band and let Triumph the Insult Comic Dog do the lead vocals.  I know that doesn’t sound promising, but it works.

Private Affair- The Virgins

I rate this song or Rich Girl by The Virgins as being right there as top songs of 2007.  They bring a modern feel to 80’s new wave which has been the formula for some of the best music of the past 3 years.  The video reminds me of something the Dark Bros. would have done, maybe around the time of New Wave Hookers. 


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