Top 30 Artists of the 80’s: Psychedelic Furs

May is 80’s month at Rock…Paper…Blog.  The 80’s was my high school and college years, so I have an affinity to the decade, even though it was the most superficial decade of my lifetime.  The artists I will be featuring are in no order and some definitely have more artistic merits than others, but the music they made still holds up for me. I will post 2 videos, with the second one being a more obscure cut from the artist which I think you should check-out.

I begin with the band that sounds like the 80’s most to me, the Psychedelic Furs.  They were like most new wave bands, strongly influenced by David Bowie, but there was a punk spirit to them that made them better than almost every other band of the decade. Pretty in Pink might be my favorite song of the decade.

While Heaven and Love My Way were played more, I love the romantic ache of The Ghost in You and in this video you get some great clips from the film, Lost in Translation.

Here’s an added bonus.  I ran across this recent acoustic version lead singer Richard Butler did of Love my Way.


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