80’s Month: Duran Duran

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the band, as some of their songs are tortuous for me to listen to (see the whole 7 and the Ragged Tiger album), but I have to admit that they were a pretty great singles band, overall.  The first band to really take advantage of MTV, their good looks and good videos pushed them to huge success.  Singer Simon LeBon can be an acquired taste, but the band had some great grooves.  Adding the stuff that the Taylor’s did with Power Station and I’ve got Duran Duran on my list.

Girls on Film was the sexiest video of it’s time, right there with Centerfold by J. Geils Band.  On the days that the Playboy Channel didn’t bleed through our cable, it was a good substitute.

All She Wants Is the influence of Depeche Mode taking over and I think it’s Duran Duran’s best song of the 80’s.

Arcadia was a side project by LeBon with Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes.  The album was pretty weak, but the single Election Day was as good of a vocal as LeBon did during the 80’s.


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