80’s Month: Dance Music Mixtape

The artists that I’ve featured so far are a good start in making a great 80’s dance tape, but here are some other songs you should add to your mix.

When you are putting together your John Hughes’ movie soundtrack tunes, this OMD one is right near the top.  Dreaming is pretty good, as well.

One of my favorite dance pop songs of the decade was this British band who seemed very influenced by Prince. Scritti Politti’s Perfect Way.

Here is a time capsule 80’s moment, as the Human League lip-synchs on some music TV show.

A lot of 80’s dance music came out (maybe not the best term) of the gay clubs.  Here are 3 bands that fit that bill.  Pet Shop Boys, B52’s, and Erasure. I’m sure you could have guessed this from watching Erasure’s Abba cover.

Yes, Frankie Goes to Hollywood is best known for Relax and Two Tribes, but my favorite of theirs was a dance/metal groove called Warriors of the Wasteland.

A couple of edgier message songs which still kept the groove, The Politics of Dancing and 19.

Paul Young is best known for his ballads, but he did a great 80’s dance song called Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down.  The performance is vintage 80’s with the spiky mullet and jumpsuit.


One thought on “80’s Month: Dance Music Mixtape

  1. Yay!!!! I f***ing Love the 80’s….You rock! I thought I new all the good 80’s songs, but you have proven me wrong….Love them, Thankyou.

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