80’s Music: Prince Proteges

One of the best parts about the Prince explosion was the other Minneapolis artists who were affiliated with him.  The Time is one of the greatest live funk bands of all-time.  They were more than a hilarious foil for Prince in Purple Rain, as band members Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis became huge producers who made the career of among others, Janet Jackson.  Morris Day was the funniest frontman I’ve ever seen, plus had great musical chops, too.

The Time’s guitarist, Jesse Johnson had a funk classic with the legendary Sly Stone.

From the Minneapolis scene, Alexander O’Neal is now generally forgotten, but he brought a new-jack swing to the Prince Proteges.  Fake was the jam.

The Family was a group created by Prince that I’m not sure wasn’t his own version of Milli Vanilla.  The song is great.  Feel the Screams of Passion.


One of the greatest concerts I’ve ever seen was in 1986 on Prince’s Parade tour, with Sheila E playing drums.  Here is a feel of what you get at a concert from him, on Sheila E’s Love Bazaar—which slides into the Morris Day’s Oak Tree at the end.  Not sure any other dude could pull off this tight purple outfit he was wearing, but then, this is what helps make him Prince.

Here’s a cool acoustic cover of Prince’s biggest songwriting hit, Nothing Compares 2 U.



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