80’s Month: Michael Jackson

Nothing in pop culture dominated the 80’s like Thriller.  If you haven’t heard it, I’m doubting you would be reading this site.  I will post some of my favorite songs Micheal did during the decade, that didn’t come from Thriller.
My favorite album of his was Off the Wall. It doesn’t have the depth of Thriller, but it holds up better to me.  The record came out in late 1979, but I’m listing it here as it broke in the 80’s and the music was ahead of its time.  My all-time song by him is Rock with You.  Watch this and tell me Justin Timberlake doesn’t owe the King of Pop some royalties.

While his duets with Paul McCartney were a lot more successful, my favorite was a Jacksons song he did with Mick Jagger.  The guitar solo is every bit as good as the one in Beat It.

Remember the Time is a great song and the video I think most people forget about.  It must have cost a zillion dollars and features Eddie Murphy, Iman, and Magic Johnson.  Might be the sexiest groove Michael ever produced.

Another one off the Bad record, The Way You Make Me Feel has a hypnotic sound.  Go on Girl! Ain’ Nobody bizness but mine and my babe.

The final video I’m posting is from the Motown 25 special. It’s the greatest musical performance I’ve ever seen on TV. If your kids have never seen it, show them.


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