80’s Month: 2 Hit Wonders

And to think, for about 10 seconds this was a good look.

Music history is filled with artists who had one-hit and never did anything else in their career.  The 80’s had their share, but here are a few artists who put together 2 hit songs and then never really connected again.

I couldn’t tell you much about the band Naked Eyes, but they have 2 great 80’s pop songs.

Here’s another faceless 80’s band that produced 2 songs that I still really like, despite it making me feel like one big pussy.  Cutting Crew.

Now here’s a faceless band from Australia, if I remember right, that had 2 killer songs during the decade. Icehouse. (NOTE: Beware, really bad video alert.)

Go West are the faceless American version.

Level 42 put out a couple good albums, but only 2 songs really hit.  Admit it, you forgot about these.


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