80’s Music: Sting and the Police

My favorite record of the Police was their debut, as I liked the punky energy of it, but when you combine the solo work of Sting during the 80’s, they have to find a place here.

I try to be dig a little deeper here than just putting out the big hits of famous groups, but Don’t Stand So Close to Me has so much sexual tension I can’t leave it off here.

I’m not a fan of the Ghost in the Machine record, but I do like Invisible Sun quite a bit.

Synchronicity was the biggest album I can remember when I got to college.  It is their most complete record, as there is not filler.  Murder by Numbers has Stewart Copeland at his best, with a jazzy feel that foreshadowed what Sting would do on his solo stuff. Here’s a cool live version from 83.

Sting got ripped by a lot of critics for his solo debut, but I think it’s as good as anything he has ever done with or without a band.  Lots of depth in thought, plus I love the jazzy feel he has with his killer new band.  Moon over Bourbon Street is a modern day standard.

His last recording of the decade was Nothing Like the Sun.  Not one of his better works, it’s a little too heavy, but it does have its moments.  They Dance Alone is the best song on the record, but I like the feel and lyrics of the very sexy and desperate feel of Sister Moon.

While Fields of Gold was recorded in the 90’s, I love the song and thought I would use this place to post Eva Cassidy’s beautiful cover of it.


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