80’s Music: 80’s Pop Rocks

Here are 3 of the bands/solo artists that always make me think of the 80’s.

The Hooters had a unique sound, which is kind of hard to categorize.  Their greatest hits is well-worth picking up.  The leaders of the group wrote Cyndi Lauper’s best song, Time after Time.  And we Danced has a great mandolin/kids keyboard intro that is followed-up by one of the peppiest hooks of the decade.

Remember when TV evangelists were the scourge of our society?  Satellite was the Hooters great take on it.

I can remember catching some rays with some girls from my dorm in college and hearing the Outfield blaring out the windows. (I also was hearing guys from my floor heckling me with “Nature Boy.”  The Outfield is kind of cheesy, but my ears have no lactose problem listening to them. Josie’s on a vacation far away…(they) just want to use your love tonight. Hey, it was the 80’s.

Sweet guitar riff and great fluorescent drum stix twirls in Since you been gone.

Robert Palmer had big success with his solo work and his collaboration with Duran Duran members in Power Station.  I’m sure you’ve seen Addicted to Love, so I’m going a little more obscure.  Before he found his addicted formula, he had a quirkier song that I really dig, Johnny and Mary.

I didn’t mean to turn you on was his follow-up video to Addicted to Love and I appreciate the cool sexiness of it.

Some blamed the Power Station for being a bit too calculated, but with the great rhythm section from Chic producing a sweet funk groove with Palmer’s cool vocals over it, I still like it.


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