80’s Music: AC/DC

So it’s February of 1980 and your lead singer has just drunk himself to death.  After a career of medium success, it finally looks like you are going to be a huge band, as your Highway to Hell hits on a worldwide scale.  So what do you do?  AC/DC hired Brian Johnson to replace Bon Scott and 5 months later releases Back in Black, the second best selling album of all-time, only behind Thriller.  Pretty amazing story.  Back in Black has a simple musical formula, but unlike most metal records, the production and sound still holds up well.  Below is a cool new video reworking of Shoot to Thrill using live footage and scenes from Iron Man 2.

While it didn’t quite match Back in Black, For Those about to Rock is pretty great, as well.  The 3 record streak of these 2 and Highway to Hell is the greatest stretch any metal band has ever had.  Inject the Venom is the bluesey thing that I love best about AC/DC.

They started to slow down on Flick of the Switch, but it does have its moments.  Nervous Shakedown is as good as anything they’ve done.

Fly on the Wall is kind of a spotty record, but another song with shake rocks the record.  Shake Your Foundations.

Their final record of the decade is not good, Blow Up Your Video.  The best song from it is a Chuck Berry-influenced groove with Brian singing over it That’s the way I wanna to Rock’n’Roll.

Finally, check out Shakira put her own spin on Back in Black.  It can be enhanced by putting the sound on mute.


2 thoughts on “80’s Music: AC/DC

  1. If you told me, in 1980, that AC/DC would still be relevant, having a song paired with a big summer movie, in 30 years, I would have laughed hysterically.

    • It is pretty amazing, but the simplicity and the great production values of the music makes them hold up. I played some today and my 2 year-old twins were dancing around the house to it.

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