80’s Music: David Bowie Influenced- The Fixx, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Peter Murphy,

Here are some 80’s artists who I hear Bowie-influence every time a song by them comes on.

The Fixx are a forgotten 80’s group that had a string of hits in America.  Singer Cy Curnin definitely had a Bowie-like timbre to his voice.  When their debut came out around the same time that U2’s did,   I would have told you then the Fixx was the better band.  Red Skies and especially Stand or Fall had a dramatic rock sound that still sounds fresh today.

Their second album, Reach the Beach, was their peak.  One Thing Leads to Another and Saved by Zero were the big hits, but Sign of Fire was a top 40 single, as well.  I have posted it and the very good album cut, Opinions, which has Peter Gabriel echoes.

While the band never reached the levels of Reach the Beach, again, they did make some good singles after that. Here are my 3 favorites.  The funky extended dance mix of Deeper and Deeper, Secret Separation, and Driven Out.


Few bands were more influenced by Bowie more than Bauhaus, but their version was darker and edgier.  Here’s their cover of Ziggy Stardust.

Bauhaus split up with lead singer Peter Murphy going solo.  His solo career was spotty, but he did produce one great single, Cuts You Up. I love the violin played off of the synth pop sound.

Other Bauhaus members started a new band that was pretty successful called Love and Rockets.  No New Tale to Tell and Kundalini Express are 2 forgotten 80’s classics on the Scott IPod playlist, with great guitar licks by Daniel Ash.  The band had a huge smash in So Alive.


2 thoughts on “80’s Music: David Bowie Influenced- The Fixx, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Peter Murphy,

  1. Hey Scott, just wanted to say that I enjoyed this series. Life’s events have left my musical tastes stuck in the 80s, so this was an enjoyable look back.

  2. Thanks Ken. Great to hear from you. How are you doing? If you ever need to get a hold of me my email is now insidescott@hotmail.com

    80’s month pt.2 will be June, as well, as I didn’t know how much stuff I would cover.

    You can see from my frequency of posts that this is keeping my attention more than sports were. The blog is actually getting some decent numbers now, though nothing like the Toaster during its heyday. I don’t have time to write intricate posts, but I enjoy using it as a homework assignment to find cool videos that I can enlighten some of my readers about.

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