80’s Music: Howard Jones

Note: I realize that 80’s month is into June.  I didn’t plan the thing, so I had no idea how long this was going to carry on.  Readership totals have grown, though, which I appreciate, so I am on to my second month.  Starting in July, I will start addressing current music.  If you are digging the blog, do me a favor and send the link to someone else or 10 you think would like to be turned on to new music or music they forgot about like this month is doing.  Thanks.  Scott

I decided not to do any research on Howard Jones, as I know nothing about him and I like it that way.  I’m guessing he’s from England and how I remember him is from MTV videos.  He was one of those dudes like the cats from Flock of Seagulls who didn’t have much hair, which was a problem in the late 80’s, because if you were in a pop, new wave, alternative, or metal band, it was all about the hair.  I’m guessing why he wasn’t even a bigger sensation, as he had a lot of great tunes.  I usually use this blog to go chronologically through someone’s career, but instead, I just have listened to my Best of Howard Jones and picked 6 songs you should have.  It’s not for all times, but if you are in a good mood on a sunny day, Howard Jones’ poppy new wave stuff will make you even happier and the sun will shine even brighter.  WARNING: Never play Howard Jones’ music on Monday when it’s raining.

What is Love is the first song time I remember hearing Jones and it despite it’s icy cold music and voice, there still has some soul too it.  His hat is some kind of beret meets yarmulke that no man should wear.

Jones often had a reggae tinge to his music, which Like to Know You Well uses to full-effect.

Life in One Day is a song which seems to be written after reading lots of power of positive thinking books.  The video is a weird one.  The lead-in is from some 80’s TV show which featured some dreamy Tiger Beat dude introducing it badly.

No One is to Blame is one of the great ballads of the decade.  I chose the version of Jones stripping it down to his voice and keyboard.

So I wondered what Howard would look like now and ran across him playing live version of Things Can Only Get Better with an all-star band with Ringo, Jeff Lynne, and Sheila E.  He looks about what I suspected he would.

One of my favorites of Jones was Everlasting Love.  Sweet John Tesh hair.

The most interesting music in any song of Jones’ is The Prisoner. Classic late-80’s distorted guitar lick.  I’m guessing the video was kind of revolutionary at the time.


One thought on “80’s Music: Howard Jones

  1. I went to a Howard Jones concert in Oakland at some point. Probably 1984 or 85 or something like that, right at his peak. I wasn’t blown away by it, but remember enjoying it well enough. It was all so synthesized that I wasn’t quite sure what was actually being played and what was just recorded. I remember that hair and those clothes, too: he seemed to be trying a little too hard to be trendy.

    I haven’t listened to him since I switched from cassettes to CDs, though. Maybe I should skip a generation of technology and pull him up on iTunes, see if I still like it.

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