80’s Music: Chick Groups

So I’ve covered Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and the Bangles, but there are a few other female artists to take a brief look back at.  The Go-Go’s were almost as big as the Bangles, but I think they are kind of overrated.  The only songs I think are essential from their career are the last hits, Head Over Heels and Turn to You.  Belinda Carlisle was pretty damn foxy.

For a lot of honkies like myself, the first rap song we ever heard was Blondie’s 1981 song, Rapture.  Debby Harry calls out Fab Five Freddy. I’ve also posted Call Me, which was the theme to American Gigolo.  It is one of the last disco songs and it still holds up well.

Linda Ronstadt made one good new wave record in 1980, with 3 songs that were Elvis Costello covers.  The 2 tunes that I think of are Mad Love and Hurt So Bad.

Like Ronstadt, the 80’s were a turn for the worse for Heart, as they discovered a new kind of success with schmaltzy ballads.  Early in the decade they did have a couple really good songs that have new wave rock flourishes, Even it Up and How Can I Refuse.  There was a hunger in the voice of Ann Wilson in these songs that by the time their ballads made them rich, it seem to have been satiated.

The Motels had a short run, but the pleading vocals of Martha Davis put them on MTV’s map.

While most people think of Bananarama for Venus, I think Cruel Summer and I Heard a Rumor are their best.

The 2 best female one-hit wonders of the decade were Katrina and the Waves and Nena.  Who can keep from being seduced by the charms of Walkin’ on Sunshine or 99 Luftballoons?

Now I’m sure this roller skating queen thought it was a good idea after a few positive karaoke performances of Walking on Sunshine to do her own version.  At about 1:05 of the video, things turn pretty hilarious.


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