80’s Music: Chick Groups Pt. 2

My crack staff of researchers (readers of this blog–especially Jeff Vaughn), suggested a few others I had missed, so here is part 2 of my 80’s retrospective.

While she didn’t have the long-term success of Pat Benatar, Patti Smyth had a great run of singles during the decade.  Now married to John McEnroe, Smyth and her band Scandal, were one of the better new wave/rock bands of the decade.

Aimee Mann has made some really good records as a solo artist, but in the 80’s her work with Til Tuesday produced some excellent singles.  Here is Voices Carry and Coming Up Close.

I’ve never been a huge Natalie Merchant fan, but I do like some of the singles she did with 10,000 Maniacs.  Here is their good cover of Peace Train and a live performance on the old Lettermen show of Trouble Me.

One of the weirdest bands to hit the scene was Missing Persons.  Singer Dale Bozzio had some quirky Betty Boop vocals.  Her Barbarella-inspired outfits were a bonus, as they might have been an influence on Lady Gaga.

Couldn’t tell you much about this band except they had 2 really great songs, Never Say Never and Girl in Trouble.  Meet Romeo Void.

Here are 3 other one-hit wonders that fit this category.  The Waitresses I Know What Boys Like, Bow Wow Wow’s I Want Candy, Tracey Ullman’s , and Kim Wilde’s Kids in America.


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