80’s Music: The Pretenders

If I’m giving out an award for best female artist of the 80’s, I would give it to Chrissie Hynde.  The Pretenders debut was an instant classic, as it came out the first month of 1980’s.  If you don’t own this recording, you should.  Here is a brief sampler.  Brass in Pocket, Kid, Stop Your Sobbing, and Tattooed Love Boys—I shot my mouth off and you showed me what that hole was for.

Here’s a cool live version of Hynde with Incubus doing Message of Love.

My favorite thing about Hynde’s voice is the way she uses it to sound like an extra instrument.  Talk of the Town is a good example of this.

Their Learning to Crawl record features one of the great drum kicks in the song Middle of the Road.  Hopefully Rush Limbaugh hasn’t wrecked My City was Gone for you.

Their final record of the decade was a big step-down, but they had their biggest hit with the Avengers-inspired video, Don’t Get Me Wrong.

Best duet of the 80’s just might be Hynde’s cover of I Got You Babe with UB40.


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