80’s Music: Ska/Reggae-influenced

Reggae didn’t seem to impact rock music much in the 70’s, outside of a couple Eric Clapton or Rolling Stones songs, but in the 80’s its influence became big.  I’m not a huge ska fan, but I do love the English Beat.  I still believe they blow away any other ska band. These are their 3 best songs, Mirror in the Bathroom, Save it for Later, and the great cover of Tears of a Clown.

Singer Dave Wakeling left the band and started a new called General Public. They were more poppy and not as good, but they did produce the great, Tenderness.

2 members of the English Beat who didn’t go to General Public started up a band you might have heard of…the Fine Young Cannibals.  There 2nd record went Number 1 and was massively overplayed.  I’m actually partial to their first record which I’ve included 2 songs from, Johnny Come Home and a great cover of Suspicious Minds.

UB40 is the most successful white reggae group of all-time.  After the success of Red Red Wine, they started to be more of a cover group, but before this they had some good originals.  Here is Cherry Oh Baby and the aching ballad, Don’t Break My Heart. Below that is a megamix of UB40.  Grab yourself a red stripe and a big spliff.

Not a big Madness fan, as I’m only partial to their 2 hits, which I really dig.  Our House and One Step Beyond.

Here’s one that might have slipped by you.  The great live band, the Untouchables and I Spy for the FBI.


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