80’s Month: Adam Ant and Men at Work

Outside of being 80’s sensations, Adam Ant and Men at Work have little in common.  What ties them together for me is that they were the first 2 concerts I went to that weren’t classic rock or heavy metal bands.  A friend of mine in high school offered me a free ticket to Adam Ant and despite knowing nothing about him, when you’re poor you take what you can get.  This was quite an eye-opener, as in 1983 Iowa, you just didn’t see people dressed like freaks.  I’m guessing every new wave girl and gay guy residing in Central Iowa was there.  I can’t say it was that good of a concert, but it did lead myself into some appreciation of Ant, as he definitely mixed different elements to make something unique to him.  My 4 favorites happen to be cool videos as well, so check out Stand and Deliver, Ant Rap, Goody 2 Shoes, and the great Apollo 9.

Men at Work was another interesting concert experience and the one thing that ties these concerts together was their opening act was INXS.  You might have forgotten how big Men at Work was.  Their first 2 singles, Who Can it be Now and Down Under both went number 1 in the States.  Here are the 4 songs I want to highlight from the band.  Who Can it be Now, Be Good Johnny, Underground, and a cool version of Overkill by Lazlo Bane, with Colin Hay singing at the end with them.

Hay made a comeback this decade and his stuff is really good.  Here are a couple songs you should check out.


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