80’s Music: Violent Femmes

Few bands have more of an original sound than the Violent Femmes.  Discovered by the Pretenders, this Milwaukee band mixed a rockabilly punk sound, with Gordon Gano’s nerdy/twitchy vocals to become early 80’s sensations.  A great live band, the Femmes made their greatest music during the decade and here are my top choices.  Blister in the Sun, and Add it Up, Kiss Off  are the 3 songs that define the band to me the most and they all came off their classic debut.  The first 2 videos are really cool finds.  You should check them out.

While their sophomore release didn’t match the classic status of the debut, it featured more of sexual energy, which is shown here with the live performances of Gimme the Car and Black Girls.

While a lot of Femmes’ fans felt disappointed by the Blind Leading the Naked, I think it’s an underrated gem.  Their cover of T. Rex’s Children of the Revolution and the original Faith are represented from it.

Their 4th record, 3, was their last record of the decade and it’s not great.  Here’s a Talking Head’s like song, Fat.  Cool video.

Finally, here’s Gnarls Barkley’s cover of Gone Daddy Gone.


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