80’s Music: The Cult

Hey Chemical Romance, we see where you got your look.

What a strange path the band the Cult took in the 80’s.  Starting off as a punk-like band, I first heard them in 1985 on their psychedelic record, Love. The chimy guitars start off the great She Sells Sanctuary until the drums kick in and then you hear Ian Astbury do his Jim Morrison does Zeppelin distinctive voice. It sounded like nothing else that was out at the time.  I also put up the other single from Love, Rain.

After not like the production work on their new record, the band had Rick Rubin step-in and what came about was the band’s classic album, Electric.  This record is right there with Back in Black and Welcome to the Jungle, as the best hard rock albums of the decade.  It still sounds vital 23 years later, especially guitarist Billy Duffy’s chops. Wild Flower, Love Removal Machine, and Lil’ Devil.

While Electric was successful world-wide, it never hit on the level it should have in the states, as hair-bands ruled the day at the time. To bridge that gap, the Cult brought in producer Bob Rock to put more of a sheen on their music and while Sonic Temple isn’t as good as Electric, his production work did make the make the band more commercial, as it is still their most financially successful album.  Here is Fire Woman, Sweet Soul Sister, and Edie (Ciao Baby).


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