80’s Music: 2-Hit Wonders

I wanted to finish my 2-month retrospective with some album-rock songs that are pure 80’s to me.  I will be back to exploring more recent music for the next month—stuff that I think you will enjoy.

Greg Kihn put out a lot of records, but outside of his native Northern California, he’s known for his 2 great 80’s songs, The Break-up Song and the epic wedding video for Jeopardy.

Really Tommy Tutone is a one-hit wonder, but I they had some other good songs, including Get Around Girl which I can’t find online.  Here is Jenny (from the show Fridays) and Cheap Date.

Sure it was the greatest Springsteen rip of all-time, but John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band nailed On the Dark Side.  I also really like the poppy C-I-T-Y.

I don’t know anything about the Kings, except that This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ to Glide is one of the best 2 song blends in rock history.

Another group I know nothing about is the Sherbs, but they have the classic synth-rock, with raspy vocalist..  Here are No Turning Back and We Ride Tonight.

Harlequin was a Canadian band that kind of had an early Loverboy feel to them, who never hit big in the US.  Both Innocence and Thinking of You should have been contenders, though.


3 thoughts on “80’s Music: 2-Hit Wonders

  1. I’ve been trying to spread the word to the youth about the greatness of your 2 song cycle. Thanks for popping in.

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