New Music You Should Know: Fun/The Format

One thing readers of this blog are aware of by now is my love of Beatle-inspired power pop.  Singer Nate Ruess fits this bill, which both bands he has fronted, Fun and The Format, being 2 of the best power-pop groups of the past decade.  His most recent group is Fun, whose debut, Aim and Ignite, was my Top record of 2009.  All the Pretty Girls is the greatest ELO song not written by Jeff Lynne, while Benson Hedges is their Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh and then there’s At Least I’m Not as Sad as Used to Be, which has Fun meeting somewhere between the Scissor Sisters and Queen.  You really should hear the whole record, it’s great.

Ruess fronted the band Format before Fun and they were almost as good.  I especially like their record, Dog Problems. I’ve posted Time Bomb, The Compromise, and the Harry Nillson-influenced Dog Problems.


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