New Music You Should Know: Joe Bonamassa

For me, when Stevie Ray Vaughn died, I kind of stopped paying attention to the blues genre of music. I never got caught up in the Johnny Lang/Kenny Wayne Shepherd thing. I’m a huge fan of the White Stripes, but I consider their music as much alternative as blues.  A couple years back I stumbled across some dude named Joe Bonamassa at and after listening to a couple of 30 second clips of his songs, I was kind of left shaking my head going is this guy as good great as I think? Well, he is. As awesome of a guitar player as Bonamassa is, I think his voice is just as good. Reminds me of Robin Trower, the best blues/rock artist of the 70’s. If you are looking to download something of his, start with The Ballad of John Henry. I have posted videos of him doing Stop, Ballad of John Henry, Blues Deluxe, and Bridge to Better Days. Oh and if you hear Clapton echoes in his guitar playing, the final video I have him playing with EC at Royal Albert Hall.


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