New Music You Should Know: OK Go

The greatest music video band of the past decade is OK Go, but don’t fall-asleep on their music, as it’s nearly as good.  Here It Goes Again is one of the greatest music videos of all-time and it holds a special place in my heart as my daughter Maddie loved it more than anything on our DVR. For more than a year, she requested it every night before she would go to bed.  Their more recent masterpiece, the Rube Goldberg-inspired, This Too Shall Pass, is her current favorite video. If you liked the early Kinks, OK Go is your band, as they meld them with other influences which are as wide as Prince and the Flaming Lips. My favorite song from the band is still their first single, Get Over It, which is a power-pop classic. (This debut is my favorite of their 3 albums.)  I also have included their first dance video, A Million Ways and their newest, WTF.  Check out all their videos, as even if the songs don’t completely catch your ear, the creativity they show in their videos makes them completely worth it.


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