Classic Rock Mixtape 70’s Version

I’ve spent the past month earning my hipster cred highlighting artists like Broken Bells, the Gaslight Anthem, and Brother Ali, so now I go back to my high school days. I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and before MTV, there was basically pop music and album rock. The station every male I know listened to was KGGO and it basically played classic rock plus a lot of Huey Lewis and Bryan Adams.  Since this site is about hopefully turning people on to some music they’ve never heard, I thought I would offer up how my own version of Doctor Johnny Fever playlist.  Today is my first 10, which are focused on songs that have been played on the radio, but not overplayed.

A dirty room and a silver coke spoon give me my release…30 Days in the Hole. Humble Pie had all the ingredients to be a great band, but they didn’t produce much worth listening to.  This is the one song that shows their immense potential, as it’s as good as anything the Stones ever did. Yeah, you heard me right.

All I know about Tommy Bolin is that he played guitar for Deep Purple for awhile and that he was big in Japan. Post Toastee is one of those song you would hear at 2 in the morning on your classic rock station as the song is 9 minutes and would give them time to smoke a joint and/or get laid.  I don’t usually like jam-rock, but the guitar work and groove are really great on this song.

Is Radar Love the greatest late-night driving song of all-time?  I can’t think of one that tops Golden Earring’s classic jam.

Another great psychedelic guitar jam song is 10 Year After’s I’d Love to Change the World.

Not a huge fan of the 70’s rock band organ solo, but Argent’s Hold Your Head Up is one of the exceptions. Video comes from Midnight Special, which that week was hosted by John Denver!

One of my all-time favorites from the decade is Sniff n’ Tears’ Driver’s Seat. Someone should do a cover of this, as it could work in many different genres.

Sure their name makes them the punchline to a joke, but Foghat’s best 10 songs are as good as any other American classic rock band produced during the 70’s.  With the Foghat Block party you always get Fool for the City and Slow Ride, but I always say give Drivin’ Wheel a chance.

OK, Ted Nugent might be a certifiable, bow-hunting wacko, but he knows how to put on a great live show.  When in doubt I whip it out, Got me a Rock and Roll band—It’s a Free-for-All. Ah Suck-It.  Nuge on Midnight Special.

One of the great driving in your car songs is the James Gang’s Funk 49.  The groove is pretty simplistic, but is always in the funk pocket, plus Joe Walsh’s whiny vocals perfectly fit the spirit of the tune.  I have no idea what drugs these dudes from Cleveland were on when they made the record, but it must have been some pretty dope shit.

It’s hard to go wrong with LaGrange, but that song has been overplayed, so I finish with choices from the same Tres Hombres record.  Waitin for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago is one of the great 2 pack songs of all-time.


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