The Best R&B Singer of the Decade: Cee Lo Green

While he might not have the lady man looks of Sam Cooke or Al Green, Cee Lo Green has got the natural soul pipes that these greats had. He started out in the rap/hip hop world with Goode Mob, but he first showed his musical depth on his solo records. Then he started collaborating with Danger Mouse and their group, Gnarls Barkley, put out 2 of the best records of the decade. Lots of great music for you to check out from Cee Lo, but I have listed the 5 songs you SHOULD have on your IPod.  First up is his latest, the You Tube smash Fuck You.

I’m not sure Crazy isn’t the best song of the new millenium.

One of the greatest videos of the decade. Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?

Here is Cee Lo as the read deal soul singer from the excellent Sundance Channel series, Live from Abbey Road studios.

Paul Epworth mix of Cee Lo’s No One’s Gonna Love You.

Finally, a funny clip from Cee Lo and the goddess, Eva Mendes.


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