Singer/Songwriters You Should Listen to

Reason for the picture above. I get more hits with sexy photos.

Sometimes I have no understanding why the John Mayer’s and Jack Johnson’s sell millions, while singers every bit as good if not better, are under the radar. Here’s some people you should check out.

David Gray– This Year’s Love

Not sure I’ve listened to anyone more than this dude over the past 5 years. When I’m feeling melancholy, he’s the most holy melon of them all.

Ari Hest– Anne Marie

Anytime I get a little down about not being a bigger sensation in my field, I think of this dude. How can a voice like this be so unknown?

Greg Laswell– Comes and Goes (In Waves)

If you are looking to put on some music and drift away, Greg Laswell will always do the trick.

Ray LaMontagne– Jolene/Trouble

We all know the greatest song named Jolene is by Dolly Parton, but this one is not that far behind. LaMontagne is a modern-day Van Morrison.

James Blunt– Same Mistake

Blunt has had a strange career where he had a monster hit single (You’re Beautiful) on a pretty lousy debut album, only to follow-up it with a excellent 2nd record that didn’t sell shit.  I never tire of this song.

Marc Broussard– Home

Now this is a cajun stomp.

Tim Mahoney– Sticks and Stones

Sticky sweet candy like a young John Waite.

Griffin House– The Guy That Says Goodbye to You Is Out of HIs Mind

This song would have been a smash hit in the 70’s, with it’s jangly confessional style.

Bob Schneider– Big Blue Sea

Can you tell me if this song was released on a John Mayer record it wouldn’t have been a big hit? Yeah, I agree. Burden– Colorful

This dude was discovered by Jude Cole and was signed by him and his label partner, Kiefer Sutherland. Jack Bauer definitely tried to promote him (check out the doc that followed that process), but Rocco was too raw for mass appeal. It is too bad the world works that way. Here are the charred remains of a tortured soul.

Believe in You– Jude Cole

Ok, this one is a little older and doesn’t perfectly fit with the rest of these, but any time I can fit it in, I will do it. Jude Cole is the first name I spout off about when it comes to the subject of most under-appreciated singer songwriters.


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