Best of AC/DC: Bon Scott years

Looks like the same promo spot the Ramones would’ve chosen.

I’ve always thought of AC/DC as 2 different bands, kind of like Van Halen. While the band had it’s most success with Brian Johnson, truth be told, the music they did with Bon Scott holds up even a little better. To my ears with him they sounded like Rolling Stones with metal flourishes.

1. Highway to Hell

This whole album is great. It sounds as dirty and fresh as it did the day it dropped. As great as Angus is, the truly underrated part of this band is the solid thump of Phil Rudd. This title track is one of the greatest songs in rock history. It just builds and builds with every layer adding something more.

2. Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)

From their best live record, If You Want Blood, You Got It, the energy of Rosie is amazing, as you can feel the crowd propelling it.  Classic blues, but with a punk edge.  This song is the rare song that is funny, but totally rocks.

Ain’t Exactly Pretty, Aint’ Exactly Small, 42-39-56, You Could Say She Has It All Sin City

This song evokes a mood of the darkest urges of humanity, as Scott sings like the devil offering the apple to Eve. Oh and Angus absolutely shreds the guitar solo.

4. Dirty Deeds

Closest thing to a pop song the band ever did, besides the glam-ish first single (Can I Sit Next to You) they put out with original lead singer Dave Evans. While this came out in 1976, Dirty Deeds wasn’t released in the US until 1981.

5. Jailbreak

You might notice that my favorite AC/DC songs have a slow blues feel to them, especially when Bon has an edgy nerve to them.

6. The Jack

Here is another slow grinder that should be played by every roadhouse strip club DJ. She gave him the Jack–and it hurts.

7. Rocker

After 2 slow blues jams, we come to this song, which has a Chuck Berry meets punk rock feel.  As great as Brian Johnson is as a singer, he doesn’t have this tempo range that Scott did. You wanna jive honey?

8. It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)

This was Bon’s signature song, as he played a bagpipe solo in it.  Sure, high voltage bag pipes.

9. Kicked in the Teeth

One of the angriest relationship songs ever.  2 faced woman with your 2 faced lies is the declaration from the beginning. One of Angus’ best guitar attacks.

10. Girls Got Rhythm/Touch too Much

These 2 are almost power-poppish in their construction. Tight rhythm section with Van Halen-like backing vocals doing the response. Touch 2 Much is so compact it starts out like a Cars song.


2 thoughts on “Best of AC/DC: Bon Scott years

  1. Hi Scott hope all is well was waiting for this to make a return going to make my kids enjoy and hear some good music not the shit they listen to. ABBA is the name of the game and ACDC is dirty deeds can’t wait for the next group.

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