Best of Aimee Mann

Aimee Man voice has an icy detachment which matches well with her clever songwriting. She always has hit me as the Daryl Hannah-looking alternative girl at the party who that you can’t quite ever get a read on.

1. Two of Us

Married to the criminally underrated Michael Penn, this is one of my 5 favorite covers of a Beatles song. As much as I love the Fab 5, this is better than the original.

2. That’s Just What You Are

This one sounds like a great Squeeze song, which is aided by Dilford/Tilbrook offering backup vocals.

3. Save Me

Great instrumentation swirls around Mann’s voice, which I’m guessing came from the production talents of Jon Brion.

4. Voices Carry

Hush Hush. Excellent track from Mann’s original group, Til Tuesday. The 80’s new wave sound doesn’t let it hold up as well as her solo stuff, but the song is still strong.

5. I Should’ve Known

A great Bangles song if it was fronted by Mann, instead of Hoffs.

6. Choice in the Matter

This one reflects the mid-90’s time period with it’s grungy flourishes in the background of her Beatlesque pop.

7. Labrador

Classic Aimee Mann sound. Props to Bret Dublinske for reminding me of this one after I’d already made my list.

8. You Could Make a Killing

A slow tempo song which fits her well.

9. Welcome Home

Another really good song from her Til Tuesday’s period, that even the 80’s production sound can’t wreck.

10 (tie). Sugarcoated

Cool power pop which has that Jellyfish/Posies kind of vibe that was happening in the mid-90’s.

10 (tie). How Am I Different

Discovered this one going through her discography for this list. Cool vocals with Jon Brion backing her up.


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