Best of Arcade Fire

The most critically acclaimed band of the past decade, I haven’t been as big of a fan as some, but their 3rd record, The Suburbs, I got totally on-board with it. It’s great. If you haven’t heard it, it’s time if you like 80’s inspired new wave/alternative. Now their latest, Reflektor, I’m not excited about, despite it being at the top of many critics lists. The band definitely has more than 10 excellent songs, though. Take them in.

1. Ready to Start

From the great Suburbs record. This one is like a classic New Order song that was re-booted for 2010.

2. Wake Up

From their debut, you hear the early U-2 influences as they build the drama through the song, peaking in a Flaming Lips-like chorus. I love this live version with Bowie.

3. Rebellion

Driving beat, with Talking Heads inspired vocals. Modest Mouse dreams of writing a song this good.

4. The Suburbs

Love the guitar strum and falsetto chorus. Added to the honky tonk piano and it’s impossible not to tap your feet to.

5. My Body is a Cage

Love the horror movie organ mixing with the military drum beat. Arcade Fire at their most dramatic.

6. Black Mirror

An insurgent beat driven by a pounding piano.

7. The Well and the Lighthouse

From the Springsteen-inspired Neon Bible record.

8. Modern Man

Might be their most poppish song they ever wrote. Has a British alternative feel.

9. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains

The band’s female vocalists take over on this song which sounds like a Cocteau Twins tune from the 80’s.

10. Neighborhood 1 (Tunnels)

A pretty song that sounds like it could’ve been recorded by the Killers.


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