Now what is this all about?

As some of my old readers know from my days writing for The Juice Blog, sports was the main focus, but music was the next biggest topic discussed.  I’ve always considered doing a blog solely about music, so with a new decade happening, I thought this was a good first day to start it up.  The plan is to have a new post every day.  They won’t usually be too in-depth, instead being more focused on the idiosyncracies of the music world. Please check-in and comment.  Also, share the link with your friends.

NOTE: My other blog is  I haven’t been active on it over the past 6 months, as I haven’t been that motivated by it.  It is adult in content, so be warned that it’s Not Safe For Work Sports.


One thought on “Now what is this all about?

  1. WoW! I Love it! Thankyou for sharing awesome music, what a gift your bringing to the world!…..Thankyou Scott!

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