Best of Audioslave

This might be the most forgotten quality hard rock band in history. Sure they weren’t as meaningful as Rage Against the Machine or as epic as Soundgarden, but truthfully, both those bands were past their creative peaks when they broke up. While the supergroup never made a great record, they produced a lot of kick-ass songs during their time together.

1. Show Me How to Live

This song just throbs. Funky bass, staccato guitar riffs lead into Chris Cornell screaming the chorus in a way only he and maybe Robert Plant and David Coverdale could have done in their prime. Classic.

2. Original Fire

From their last album, which sucked, but this song gave it some redemption. Closest thing Cornell has ever done to a soul stomper.

3. Doesn’t Remind Me

For some reason this reminds me of the Van Hagar “Finish What You Started”, as it’s a mid-tempo song which shows the whole group stepping out of their comfort zone.

4. Set It Off

Closest thing to a RATM song, as it has a total in your face, kick your ass tone. Set this FUCKER OFF!

5. Like a Stone

Cornell stars on this one, as he uses his weary vocals as another instrument.

6. Cochise

The first song that announced the much-anticipated supergroup, it was a great melding of the two bands.

7. Heaven’s Dead

Beautiful ballad, as Cornell’s gorgeous blues wail haunts the song like a unreleased cut from Temple of the Dog.

8. Gasoline

Another rocker that stomps from their best record, the self-title debut.

9. I Am the Highway

While it might be a little of a waste of the band’s musical talent, this acoustic strummer really shows off Cornell’s voice.

10. Drown Me Slowly

One of the heaviest songs the band ever recorded, as it rockets at a Chili-Peppers speed.


Can’t Change Me- Chris Cornell

His solo stuff is spotty at best, but this is the 1 great song he wrote without a band. Very Beatle-esque.

Black Heart Attack Spartacus Machine- The Nightwatchmen (Tom Morello)

Love this one. Echoes of Jim Carroll in tone. Morello is not a great singer, but he knows how to express what he has in this great catchy song. 

The Road I Must Travel- The Nightwatchmen (Tom Morello)

A Woody Guthrie-type folk song revved up for today.


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