Best of Bad Company

We move from one supergroup (Audioslave) to the greatest one, Bad Company. A mix of Mott the Hoople, King Crimson, and 2 members of Free, the key member is singer Paul Rodgers, who many consider the greatest pure rock voice ever.  They followed in Zeppelin’s shadow, with the same manager and record label.  They never got into fairies and mysticism, it was straight-ahead, tight rock and roll songs.

1. Shooting Star

The most creative song of the band’s career, as it begins with an acoustic strum while Rodgers tells the story of how fleeting rock stardom can be. It then picks up steam and rocks hard on the off beats.

2. Rock and Roll Fantasy

This is the closest thing the band did to writing a hit single, as it’s tighter and a little poppier. Rodgers voice is amazingly clear, as he sings every note effortlessly. Now he didn’t seem to down with lip-synching.

3. Feel Like Makin’ Love

It begins like an Eagles song and then rocks out during the chorus.

4. Rock Steady

The most bluesy song they ever did, as Simon Kirk’s drumming stars.

5. Burnin’ Sky

Might be the most underrated Bad Company song. Dirty blues groove, as Rodgers sings all over the beat. I believe my soul is on fire.

6. Seagull

The best acoustic song they did, as Rodgers demonstrates his soulful range.

7. Bad Company

Slow burn of a song. Like most Bad Company tunes, the lyrics are pretty weak, you just have to feel the music.

8. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad

Blues shouter, as this is the closest the band gets to heavy metal.

9. Run with the Pack

The Bad Company formula gets a little change-up, as strings and piano give the song a bigger scope.

10. Can’t Get Enough

This one hasn’t worn as well to me, but it still has enough classic blues rock feel to make the top 10.


Holy Water

After Paul Rodgers left for Jimmy Page’s Firm, the band hired ex-Ted Nugent frontman Brian Howe. The dude has major pipes, with a voice that hits a higher range like John Waite or Lou Gramm at their most rocking. The band reflected the hard rock/hair metal of the time, but their singles were a bit better, because Howe had such a great voice and the band never went totally cheesy. This was the best song from this period and the video is worth watching because it’s hilariously misogynistic.


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