Best of Bangles

The best all female rock and roll band of all-time? Jangly guitars, spectacular harmonies and the sexiest singing front-woman. Answer would be yes. A mix of all the great 60’s bands that started with B (Beatles, Beach Boys, Byrds) they started out being overshadowed by the G0 Go’s, but they were far superior to them.  I’ve included a couple of Susannah Hoffs solo tunes, as she put out a couple good records on her own.

1. If She Knew What She Wants

This one is the quintessential Bangles, as it has that early Beatles thing that few bands have ever been able to match.  Cover of Jules Shear’s song, with gorgeous harmonies.

2. Hazy Shade of Winter

Great power pop version of Simon and Garfunkel from the great Less than Zero soundtrack put together by Rick Rubin. Oh and epic use of cowbell.

3.  Manic Monday

Would be number 1 if it hadn’t of been played into the ground. Prince wrote it for them and was another classic from his peak 80’s period. Next to Raspberry Beret it might be his most catchy song ever.

4. In Your Room

Kicky little pop gem with great 60’s sounding organ fills and crunchy guitars.

5. Eternal Flame

Sure it’s a bit corny, but the vocals are so dreamy, especially if you look into Hoff’s chocolate kisses when she sings it, that it’s pretty undeniable.

6. My Side of the Bed

From Hoff’s first solo record, this one stood out from a lot of the crap that was being played on pop radio at the time. Holy Christ is she beautiful in this video.

7. Hero Takes a Fall

From their debut, this one really reflects the band at their more college radio beginning. Very byrds-like.

8. Beekeeper’s Blues

From her very good 2nd solo record.  Sounds like a Michael Penn-type record with Hoffs vocals.

9. Walking Down Her Street

This one has a Banannarama-feel, but is superior because of the edgier band and vocals.

10. All I Want

Great cover of the Lightning Seeds All I Want by Hoffs off her 2nd record.


Different Drum

From her cover records with Matthew Sweet, this is the best one they do, as they breathe fresh life into an early Linda Ronstadt pop classic.


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